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Tige Boats Introduces The Ultré ZX Class

Tige Boats, Inc. is proud to unveil the all-new Ultré ZX Class, a bold leap into the future of luxury boating. The new line features two models, the Ultré 23ZX and the Ultré 25ZX, each defined with striking new body lines, heightened performance, and an array of industry-first features that reimagine boating.

“Our passion for craftsmanship and innovation merge perfectly in the all-new Ultré ZX Class,” stated Charlie Pigeon, Owner and CEO of Tige Boats. “With this release, we redefined what a luxury boat can be. I am proud of our incredible team for pouring their hard work and time into crafting the all-new Ultré ZX. We can’t wait for everyone to experience this boat and witness the future of luxury, performance, and design firsthand.”

The Ultré ZX interior is a testament to an elevated experience, with every detail meticulously crafted to provide appointed comfort. The UltréLounge exemplifies this commitment, featuring the all-new FastFlip Co-Captain Chair for unparalleled comfort, the UltréChill built-in cooler, and the Co-Command screen for seamless control.

The Ultré ZX Class has enhanced its functionality to bring you next-gen features to create a unique yet ultré-luxurious experience on the water. It features the Ultré XL SolidShade for more coverage than ever before, UltréAudio System, the Ultré RGB Package, the Ultré Boost and Level-Up Power Platform, the Inflate High-Pressure Air Pump, enhanced Electric Steering, and more, so you can boat with ease. With an unmatched list of standard features, the Ultré ZX will shatter expectations of what a boat can achieve.

However, appearances and features are just the beginning – the Ultré ZX goes beyond expectations, delivering a superior performance on the water that leaves a lasting impression. Producing epic waves, wakes, and multi-sport versatility on demand with the GO System powered by TAPS 3T and the Convex V Hull, the Ultré ZX promises an unforgettable ride.

Ultré 25ZX:

Length: 25’5″ (7.75m)
Weight: 7400 lbs (3357 kg)
Fuel Cap: 100 gal (379 l)
Seating: 19
Storage: 160.6 ft^3 (4.55 m^3)
Boat Beam: 102″ (259 cm)
Ballast: 4200 lbs (1905 kg)
Hull: ConvexV
Draft: 29″ (74 cm)

Ultré 23ZX:
Length: 23’5″ (7.12 m)
Weight: 7000 lbs (3175 kg)
Fuel Cap: 76 gal (288 l)
Seating: 16
Storage: 137.80 ft^3 (3.9m^3)
Boat Beam: 102″ (259 cm)
Ballast: 4000 lbs (1814 kg)
Hull: ConvexV
Draft: 29″ (74 cm)

Tige Boats, Inc. is a world-renowned innovator, designer, and manufacturer of high-performance inboard boats. Celebrating their 32nd anniversary, Tige has cultivated its iconic brand image through their industry-leading innovation, luxurious diamond-stitched interiors, and multisport versatility. From their world-class manufacturing facility and across the 2024 product line, Tige’s consistent design-driven mentality has refined the marketplace while forever intensifying the love for wakesurfing, wakeboarding, and waterskiing. Experience the 2024 Tige and ATX lineups now at TIGE.COM / ATXBOATS.COM.



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